The Brazilian Room, Berkeley Wedding Video with Aaron and Alice

Aaron & Alice's Wedding: A Day of Love at The Brazilian Room, Tilden Park, Berkeley

Hello, lovely readers! If you’ve ever dreamed of a wedding that perfectly blends natural beauty with heartfelt emotions, let me take you through Alice and Aaron’s special day at the stunning Brazilian Room in Tilden Park. It was a celebration filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments that I am excited to share with you.

The Morning: Beauty and Excitement

The day began bright and early at the Residence Inn, where Alice, surrounded by her closest friends and family, prepared for her big day. The air was filled with excitement and a touch of hairspray as Joyce Zhou and her team transformed them into picture-perfect versions of themselves. Alice looked radiant, a vision in white, ready to start the next chapter of her life with Aaron.

The First Look: A Moment Suspended in Time

Alice and Aaron chose the scenic Lawrence Hall of Science for their first look—a moment of pure magic. As Aaron turned to see Alice, his reaction was priceless—a mix of awe and adoration. Alice's approach, her smile widening with each step, was a sight to behold. This moment, captured beautifully by A Tale Ahead Photography and Weddings and Motion Videography, and was more than just an exchange of smiles; it was two souls reconnecting before saying "I do."

The Ceremony: Vows That Touched Hearts

Set against the backdrop of Tilden Park, the ceremony was a beautiful testament to their journey. Aaron's vows were deeply personal, reflecting on their adventures and the home they’ve built in each other's hearts. He promised to be Alice's steadfast partner, joking about being her lifelong travel agent and board game nemesis. Alice’s vows were equally touching, filled with promises of support and snippets of their life together, like her commitment to always leave him the last bite of butter chicken—a line that drew laughter from everyone.

The Reception: A Celebration of Connections

The reception was a lively affair with speeches that had guests both laughing and wiping away tears. Christine, Alice’s sister, shared hilarious anecdotes from their childhood, painting a picture of a bold and fearless Alice, always ready to take on the world. Saad, Aaron’s best man, shared stories of their long-standing friendship, highlighting Aaron's lesser-known quirks and his transformation after meeting Alice.

The evening continued with dancing, a delicious dinner prepared by Carrie Dove Catering and Events, and Say Ya Photobooth that captured the joyous spirit of the day. Every detail, from the rustic floral arrangements by Anne Mendenhall Flowers to the curated playlist by DJ Airsun, added layers of personality to their wedding day.

Reflecting on the Day

As I reflect on Alice and Aaron's wedding day, it stands out as a celebration not just of their love, but also of the community they've built around them. It was a day where every element, every speech, and every laugh shared was a testament to their journey together.

For those planning your own special day, remember that the best weddings aren't just beautiful—they're personal. Like Alice and Aaron, let your wedding day be a reflection of the love and life you’ve built together.

Don’t forget to check out the incredible vendors who helped make Alice and Aaron’s day so special:

Wishing Alice and Aaron a lifetime of love, adventure, and board games where they can continue to challenge each other as partners in life’s journey. Cheers to the newlyweds!